11 Ways To Get Rid Of Idle Parts Inventory & Obsolete Parts Inventory

You may be asking, how can I get rid of my Idle Parts Inventory, or even your Obsolete Parts Inventory.

Here is a list of ways to get rid of slow-moving parts inventory in alphabetical order in bullet point form:

Auction:  Easy solution to clear parts in bulk.. After all expense are paid, usually, 10-15% of the original parts cost is recovered.

Cash Discovery Program:  A dealer to dealer network, where parts are sold at 50% of dealer cost.  Parts moved in bulk.

D2D Link: A available for Dodge, GMC, and Ford dealers.  A single part transactions platform native to these brand’s system.  Manual process with various parts pricing.

Dealermine:  A dealer to dealer network, where parts are sold at 50% of dealer cost.  Parts moved in bulk.

eBay/Amazon:  An established marketplace & audience.  Listings are typically 1 part at a time with some time required per listing unless the dealer has signed with a digital software company to provide this service – typically the majority of a dealer’s inventory is listed on eBay with this software.  Software subscription costs range from $500-$1000/month depending on features – marketing within eBay/Amazon to get above competitors is extra.

End-Consumer Program:  A hands-free, and one-of-a-kind program offered by NADPE.  NADPE sells the dealer’s obsolete parts inventory to end-consumers via every eCommerce channel available.  Everything from listing to marketing, and the selling of the dealer’s obsolete parts is handled by NADPE.  The dealer’s only job is to attach a shipping label issued by NADPE when a part is sold.  Dealer gets between 70 cent-on-the-dollar to dealer cost +5% depending on the age of parts inventory listed.

Parts Broker Direct:  A parts brokering service from OEC that makes matches dealerships looking to buy and sell parts.  A way for dealers with idle OE parts inventory to connect with other dealers to purchase their parts for a large discount.

Parts Exchange Program:  A dealer to dealer network, and an emerging technology, where parts are exchanged evenly at dealer cost, in bulk.  No write-down of parts.  The Exchange Program is only offered by NADPE.

USD Parts: Is a factory Authorized Distributor that has teamed up with idle inventory buyers that will help you recover cash for your Ford, GM, and Mopar resaleable parts.  “We will give you an offer instead of a full dumpster”.  Generally understood, dealers selling parts to USD are discounted fairly steeply below dealer cost.  A great option alternative option before deciding to toss your obsolete parts in the trash.

Write Off:  Write off, and toss in the garbage.  100% loss.