The industry’s first real solution to solve the issue of idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts


NADPE was born out of the frustrations of a Parts Director who was tired of having to scrap perfectly good parts that he simply could not sell or return. Trying to move them via channels like eBay™ was a non-starter – it would have taken way too much time and attention. He knew that were other dealers out there somewhere who could use his parts and they probably had parts that he could use that they didn’t need, but there was no way to find them. It would be like looking for needles in a haystack.

So he developed the idea of a parts trading/sales platform that could be used by Parts Managers across North America, recruited an experienced NADA-trained management team from various auto dealerships and created NADPE. Coupling his experience as a Parts Director for multiple dealerships with the experience of his team in finance, management, customer support and customer service, they created a new, cost-effective approach to dealing with idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts inventory.

Today NADPE allows Parts Managers to eliminate or minimize idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts inventory, allowing them to better manage their inventories and turn their departments into profit centers instead of cost centers.


Shawn Larkin – Founder & CEO

Priding himself as being a Visionary and Leader in Parts & Inventory Management Expertise, Shawn Larkin is the Brains of the Operation at NADPE.

Shawn has spent his entire career in the Automotive Industry. Starting as a shipper in the Parts Department at his local Ford dealer, he worked his way up to Fixed Operations Director, operating multiple locations consisting of more than 75 employees, and over $17 Million Dollars in annual revenue. Shawn is NADA and Performance Group 20 trained with 17 years of experience, a Fixed Operations Magazine Feature Article Contributor, and a writer for Modern Dealer Magazine.

Shawn brings a deep understanding of how parts and service departments work, their economics, their needs, and problems. He has restructured multiple operations that lacked leadership, were laced with problems, had no process, and were underperforming.

He has devoted his life to creating a solution to the parts obsolescence issue that haunts Dealerships Nationwide. Now the founder of NADPE, a revolutionary platform and market place for the Dealer Parts Industry, he proudly presents the solution Dealers have been long since searching for. He prides himself on being a mentor and leader and excels at doing so amongst every member of his Team.

Alongside his many astounding career stats and achievements, Shawn has a strong passion for the sport of stock car racing. He thoroughly enjoys traveling nationwide, following the circuit and enjoying the thrill of the race!

Overall, Shawn’s Entrepreneurial pride and courage is nothing short of remarkable. Day in and day out he is the heart of NADPE.


Crystal Nicholson – Marketing Manager

Crystal is part of the Founding team at NADPE, and also the Marketing Manager, and Shareholder.

Crystal comes from Fixed Operations with Human Resource Management background. She has a ton of in-depth skills in parts inventory control, management, communications, and customer service that she practiced at a multi-store operation. She has also recently ventured into her newfound passion in Marketing, studying with the Alberta Women’s Entrepreneur Association.

Here is Crystal’s take;


I am proudly the Marketing Manager, and shareholder with NADPE, and have worked alongside Shawn Larkin, the Founder of NADPE for the past 5 years. I work daily to help build up our current and pre-existing customer base, as well as manage the marketing and promotions of our service, and lead a busy life with my family on our Ranch in the Northern Alberta region.

I can still remember the first conversation Shawn and I had about the idea of NADPE, over 4 years ago. We were discussing our frustration with the lack of a solution to idle and obsolete parts issue we and every other dealer had. The parts return allowance just wasn’t enough. There was a major part of the solution we couldn’t break until one day, I gave him a book that had the answer. That book was the turning point. It gave Shawn the idea he was looking for to solve the problem we had, to develop what the business is today.

From that point on, NADPE was built, piece by piece. I couldn’t be prouder of where the future is headed. All because of a small team that had a vision, never stopped believing in one another and did what we all needed to do to build NADPE into what it is now!

My “off-time” is spent Rodeoing with my husband and children, living the ranch life, on a beautiful piece of property in the Peace Country. We are outdoor enthusiasts and partake in many excursions! I have loved the sport of [horse] barrel racing since I was a little girl and am lucky enough to share that passion with my daughter. Alongside all of that, I am very passionate about photography and divulge my spare time capturing life’s most precious memories, with old friends and new. To say that we lead a busy life, would be an understatement, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t always easy. But I firmly believe that nothing in life worth having ever comes easy. My Dad always told me: “You can be anything you want to be, if only you try hard enough. You just have to try. No one ever said life is going to be easy.” With those words of wisdom, I have learned that if you are willing to risk the comfortable 9-5, work hard enough, take risks, believe in yourself, and surround yourself with like-minded people & mentors, you will be fortunate enough to live the life you have always dreamed of…as I do, every day.

I never would have imagined that I would be part of something so inspiring. I get to live my life on a schedule that suits my family, all the while working alongside an amazing team of professionals, mentors, and goal seekers that drive me to be the best I can possibly be. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a risk and seeing your Dream become Reality. This journey is incredible, and I am truly blessed.

~ You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. ~ Jim Rohn.

– Crystal

Jordan DePoortere – Account Manager

Meet Jordan, one of our Account Managers on the team at NADPE.

Jordan comes from the Parts Department and has a ton of in-depth skills on parts inventory control. Jordan along with Crystal is part of the founding team – launching NADPE into what it is today.

Here’s a bit on Jordan:


I am one of the Account Managers on the front line of NADPE, joining the team in the fall of 2016. Working closely with the company and daily with new and existing customers, I keep a busy yet fun schedule.

Working in a dealership in the past has made the jump to NADPE simple. Working extensively in the parts department, I have been educated with parts inventory, all from ordering OEM and aftermarket parts to returning them, and of course all of the in-between. Being knowledgeable with parts inventory and how it works is a bonus as it’s something that is applied and discussed with many people in my everyday work life.

Helping NADPE grow from nothing into the vision you and the others had is a huge accomplishment and I wouldn’t change it for anything. Some days are tough, long and frustrating; but watching the details unravel and getting closer to the goals we have is what makes every tough, frustrating day worth it. Taking a risk and helping build a tech company isn’t somewhere I thought I’d be at this point in my life, but life is full of changes and curveballs, you just have to embrace the changes and go with the flow. The risks are large, but so are the rewards.

While I spend a part of my days working, I also get to enjoy time with my family. Currently, we live in Southern BC where we are lucky enough to call the beautiful Rocky Mountains our backyard. Our spare time is spent exploring the backcountry with our pup, the adventures are endless.

The most important piece of my puzzle is my family. Being surrounded by them is a must! I find it very healthy to be in the midst of the chatter, hugs and all the laughter…it’s refreshing! I also get to be a mother to my beautiful daughter which makes every day that much more sweeter. Alongside all that, I am just another person who helps people daily in my jobs, doing what I was meant to do.

Life is precious.

– Jordan

Angelique Dusseault – Accountant

Meet Angelique, our Accountant at NADPE.

Angelique comes from many years in corporate accounting, including in automotive, and heavy equipment industries.


Angelique is always chasing higher education and has become a life long student, graduating from the University of Alberta with her Bachelor’s degree, including global studies abroad at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.  She is currently finishing off her degree as a Chartered Professional Account at NAIT.

She is a multi-year participant with the MS Society to raise funds for awareness and treatment through their weekend-long 180KM bike tour.

She loves global travel, Spanish culture, and hanging out with friends who live abroad.

– Angelique