The industry’s first real solution to solve the issue of idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts!


NADPE was born out of the frustrations of a Parts Director who was tired of having to scrap perfectly good parts that he simply could not sell or return. Trying to move them via channels like eBay™ was a non-starter – it would have taken way too much time and attention. He knew that were other dealers out there somewhere who could use his parts and they probably had parts that he could use that they didn’t need, but there was no way to find them. It would be like looking for needles in a haystack.

So he developed the idea of a parts trading/sales platform that could be used by Parts Managers, recruited an experienced NADA-trained management team from various auto dealerships, and created NADPE. Coupling his experience as a Parts Director for multiple dealerships with the experience of his team in finance, management, customer support, and customer service, they created a new, cost-effective approach to dealing with idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts inventory.

Today NADPE allows Parts Managers to eliminate or minimize idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts inventory, allowing them to better manage their inventories and turn their departments into profit centers instead of cost centers.

Who We Are

Shawn Larkin – Chairman 

NADPE’s Founder and very own: “Parts Guru”! Shawn has spent his entire professional career in the automobile parts and service business. Starting in the parts department and working his way up to Director of Fixed Operations for a multi-location dealership corporation, managing both the parts and service departments, he has earned the title of “parts guru” many times over.

Shawn’s Insight: “I founded NADPE because as a Fixed Operations Director, I saw the need for a practical solution to the Obsolete and Idle Parts problem that every dealership has – a problem that affects every dealership’s bottom line by tens of thousands of dollars or more, amounting to more than $2.1 Billion in Idle and Obsolete Parts sitting in inventory across North America. I was frustrated with the lack of viable, cost and time-effective solutions, and eventually had what turned out to be a breakthrough idea. It took two software teams to develop NADPE’s proprietary technology, but I believe that our approach is nothing short of groundbreaking!”


Crystal Nicholson – Operations Manager

Crystal wears many hats with NADPE. She has spent the past 10 years in the Automotive Industry, beginning her professional career in parts management, and continuing into human resources, accounting, and marketing management, therefore fitting the shoe perfectly to operate the overall business daily. Being a part of the founding team of NADPE, she prides herself on being a shareholder and strong female influencer in the Automotive Industry.

Crystal’s Insight: “When Shawn originally approached me with the idea of NADPE, I was ecstatic to get started building it. Understanding parts inventory control, I knew that this would be beneficial to dealers, and their bottom line. With minimal return allowance by Manufacturers, the opportunity to get rid of slow-moving, idle, and obsolescent parts felt hopeless. The options to get rid of them without taking a haircut and paying high fees to sell them, let alone the time it took to list them one by one, just wasn’t worth it. Time is money! In building NADPE, our goal was to take the work out of it for the parts manager, keep our fees are low so it’s affordable, and help get the dealer’s money back on parts that otherwise they’re getting “$0″ for. I believe we did exactly that.”


Jordan Bowie (Depoortere) – Account Manager

Jordan works closely with many dealerships currently across Canada and the United States in assisting them with “bulk” exchanges with their idle and obsolete inventory. She thrives on “data” and is the heart of the technical end of NADPE. Jordan is the person to thank for the thousands of dollars in parts that we move for dealers, every day, and for ensuring exchanges occur smoothly. She is a perfectionist and has a real “knack” for building personal, trusting relationships with our customers.

Jordan’s Insight: “Each day I spend working behind the scenes of NADPE it’s truly amazing to see the numbers, and the dollar amounts dealerships are stuck with and have nowhere to turn. It’s a larger problem than a lot of people tend to see, but the even bigger problem is not having a proper solution to fix it. There is so much more than simply just “exchanging” parts, but being able to help out dealerships with such a large issue is the goal – and we’re doing it!”



Angelique Dusseault – Finance Manager

Angelique comes from many years in corporate accounting, including in the automotive, and heavy equipment industries. She is always chasing higher education and has become a lifelong student, graduating from the University of Alberta with her Bachelor’s degree, including global studies abroad at the Universidad Pontificia Comillas. She is currently finishing off her degree as a Chartered Professional Account at NAIT. She is a multi-year participant with the MS Society to raise funds for awareness and treatment through their weekend-long 180KM bike tour.

She loves global travel, Spanish culture, and hanging out with friends who live abroad.