The industry’s first real solution to solve the issue of idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts!


NADPE was born out of the frustrations of a Parts Director who was tired of having to scrap perfectly good parts that he simply could not sell or return. Trying to move them via channels like eBay™ was a non-starter – it would have taken way too much time, expense, and attention. He knew that were other dealers out there somewhere who could use his parts and they probably had parts that he could use that they didn’t need, but there was no way to find them. It would be like looking for needles in a haystack.

So he developed the idea of a parts trading/sales platform that could be used by Parts Managers, recruited an experienced NADA-trained management team from various auto dealerships, and created NADPE. Coupling his experience as a Parts Director for multiple dealerships with the experience of his team in finance, management, customer support, and customer service, they created a new, cost-effective approach to dealing with idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts inventory.

Today NADPE allows Parts Managers to eliminate or minimize idle, obsolete, and slow-moving parts inventory, allowing them to better manage their inventories and turn their departments into profit centers instead of cost centers.