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NADPE charges a 5.99% fee per approved transaction, based on the total cost of parts traded. This amount will be calculated off the finalized transaction amount. There are no subscription, listing, or membership fees.

Depending on which DMS a dealer has, some dealers need to cover the cost of the DMS parts inventory data feed, as it’s not 100% subsidized by NADPE.   The monthly cost of a DMS data feed is incredibly reasonable, and makes less work for you with updated On-Hand Quantities, and Pricing updates nightly.  Parts inventory is a living thing, so we can keep up to date with your inventory.  The DMS data feed costs as much as coffee and donuts for your parts staff each month. See DMS data feed chart on the Pricing page.

You will fill out an Application to participate in the program. A Dealership can cancel their account at any time, without notice by simply calling or sending an email to their account manager. From there the Dealership is unsubscribed and no cancellation fees charged except for Serti DMS dealers – where $68 is applied.

To have inventory data uploaded to our system nightly from your DMS or from the your DMS provider directly. Parts inventory data feeds which is safe, encrypted, secure, and fully automated.  The data feeds we collect are only parts inventory data.  No customers, transaction, emails, or any other data is collected – only parts inventory data as applicable to a part number.

We allow 2 business days to complete, adjust, and approve a transaction. The expiry date is listed within each potential transaction. Once a transaction is finalized, you have upward of 5 days to ship your parts out.

On average it takes 1.5 to 2 weeks before a Dealership will see transactions after their application form is submitted.

Reminders are automatically generated approximately 4 hours before the inventory verification is due back. We require verifications back within 48 hours, as there are 2 Dealerships included in each transaction. We need to ensure both parties are finished and ready to move forward within a timely fashion. We do not allow transactions to be abandoned for any reason. In the case that more than one verification is late, your account will be suspended. This ensures we maintain a quality marketplace with engaged, and committed.  So it’s essential that when we define which parts you want to select as Slow-Moving, and Fast-Moving, that are you are willing to entertain these transactions.

Of course on the part number level, you can adjust as you feel fit.  Also, we are happy to put an account on hold when you need, like in cases where you have holidays, or physical inventory.

Initially we attempt to match Dealers that are located as close to each other as possible. Depending on match size, distance, and availability of other dealer accounts available to accept more trades. Trades will expand in distance up to the maximum parameters set by the Parts Manager.

We work with all automotive brands in the US and Canada.  See which program supports your brand…

United States

Exchange Program:  N/A

Consumer Program:  All Brands


Exchange Program:  Chrysler Canada dealers with a total inventory value over $300,000.  Chrysler dealers under $300,000 are supported by the Consumer Program.

Consumer Program:  All Brands

This FAQ and supporting web pages are related to the Exchange Program.  The Consumer Program is a new program not yet listed on our website.  Email us, and ask for the slide-deck to learn more if you’re interested in the Consumer Program instead of the Exchange Program, or if your brand is not supported by the Exchange Program.

Each Parts Manager establishes their own parameters on how their data is sorted so it is unique to them, and how they control and define parts inventory. This could include any number of criteria.

NADPE’s system can emulate a DMS’ stocking criteria so there is almost no limitation. Although many Parts Manager’s use Months-No-Sales or Stocking Status to define what is Slow-Moving, and Fast-Moving parts inventory.

Essentially you are splitting your parts inventory into two buckets – Slow Moving and Fast Moving based on your stocking criteria.  This is enough to define and implement.



All parts exchanged in a transaction must be in new and resalable condition. If a Dealer happens to receive a damaged part, we encourage them to contact the trading partner on the opposing side, to resolve such issue. It’s straight forward to resolve if it happens.  You treat another dealer like you would a customer.  The rules are simple – if a manufacturer’s return program would accept the part in the condition it is in, then it’s fit for NADPE’s marketplace.

No! On the exchange platform all parts are exchanged at the Dealers cost. Dollar-For-Dollar.

Parts Managers will invoice the other dealership (your trading partner), just like you would a retail customer, at dealer cost. Your trading partner will do the same. Each dealer is responsible for sending their parts to their trading partner Freight Pre-Paid. Your trading partner will do the same – ship their parts to you Freight Pre-Paid. This means your responsible for your shipping your own parts and ensuring you get it there quickly but at a cost effective price.

Although each dealer can establish their own billing terms with the other dealer, and come to a mutual agreement, we have seen some dealers mutually agree to do plus/minus adjustments in the DMS instead of invoicing each other. Billing arrangement, and agreements are solely the between the two dealers.

Our fee will be charged after each dealer reviews, and approves of the transaction.  The full details of the transaction, and trading partner are sent to both dealers to execute the trade.

Dealers who have a monthly DMS data feed cost, will be billed automatically at the start of the new month for that month’s data.  New dealers who come on-board mid-month will be charged just after on-boarding.  Only SERTI DMS dealers will have a cancellation fee, which is due upon cancellation of the data feed.

All NADPE’s invoices generated per are automatically charged to the supplied credit card on the Application form, and invoices are emailed directly to the dealer right away.

There are many reasons why your idle parts would be in demand at other Dealers, including: factors based on geographical location, types of vehicles driven by the population, the climate, some parts may be used more frequently in different locations, difference in vehicles sold within a particular market, a different in a Parts Manager’s stocking criteria, etc. It is common to see dealers that are only a few miles away to have an inventory that is different enough to see trades.

Typically, every part within a dealers parts inventory can still be sourced from the manufacturers warehouse. Meaning regional, those parts are not truly obsolete on a regional and national level.  There is still demand within your region the parts which maybe slow-moving at your dealership.

Likewise, a manufacturer’s warehouse runs a parts inventory like dealers do. They still carry and distribute these parts as they are still active at the regional and national level – just not at your dealership. NADPE’s data allows us to find where your slow moving parts are active, and reallocate and redistribute these parts based on demand; much like your manufacturer’s warehouse.

If a part is sold after the verification process, you simply short ship the part, and advise the other Parts Manager of the change. The dollar value in the shortage will just expand the difference in the parts exchange transaction. This isn’t a problem as when dealers invoice each other, a slight expansion of value between the two dealers only means the check between the two dealers is different more so by the amount short shipped.

To get started you simply complete an Application form.

Yes, a credit card number will be required at the time of sign up. We have developed an automated system that’s hands-free and requires less staff, which in turn means less expense for us, and in turn means a smaller fee passed on to dealers.

We do not have a set dollar amount that a Dealership needs to have in order to participate in the program.  Each dealer has a varying amounts of slow-moving parts.

In almost every case, many of our dealers don’t have an obsolete parts inventory problem.  But they do have slow-moving, idle parts inventory that effect every single dealership.  These slow-moving parts are the same parts you would return to the manufacturer, but can’t because lack of Parts Return Allowance.

Depending on which DMS a dealer has, some dealers need to cover the cost of the DMS parts inventory data fee, as it’s not 100% subsidized by NADPE.

The DMS data feed costs as much as coffee, and donuts for your parts staff each month.

The monthly cost of a DMS data feed is incredibly reasonable, and makes less work for you with updated On-Hand Quantities, and Pricing updates nightly.  Parts inventory is a living thing, so we can keep up to date with your inventory.  See the Pricing page for details.

On the Pricing page, you will see the list of DMS’ we currently support.

Contact one of our Account Managers today at: 1-855-623-7311, or email

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