Everything You Need to Know About Using NADPE’s Trading Platform

We want you to know how things work at NADPE.



Trade Platform:  For trades, parts are priced at the manufacturer´s dealer price (dealer cost) plus core, if any.


You ship your parts pre-paid to your trading partner. Your trading partner will ship his parts to you pre-paid.


Just as you are anxious to get the parts you need, your transaction partner is also waiting for his parts. So our policy is that parts are shipped within two business day, unless the number of parts prevents it, in which case the parts should ship within five business days.


Payments in a trade transaction are arranged between the parties. It is up to the individual dealership to set its own credit policy. Invoices are the responsibility of the billing party.


While returns are not allowed through the NADPE, the parties to a transaction may arrange this between them if they wish. However, the NADPE transaction fee will not be refunded if parts are returned.


In order for your dealership or corporation to become a Member of the Service, you agree that you have the ability to bind the dealership and/or corporation to these Terms of Use. You also agree to provide current, complete and accurate information and to promptly update all account information to keep your account current, complete and accurate. You may change or update the dealership, corporate, or personnel information by clicking on “Manage Account” after you log in to your account. You must notify us of any change in information of the credit card that we have on file, such as changes to the billing address, credit card number and expiration date or if your credit card is cancelled.


You may not transfer or sell your account to another party.


NADPE may terminate, suspend, or otherwise restrict or prohibit access to our Services, remove hosted content such as your account and listings, and take technical and legal steps to prohibit you from using our Services for any reason.


To be eligible to sell or trade on NADPE, all parts have to be NEW, undamaged and in their original, undamaged packages with the part number and UPC codes clearly visible and legible. All parts listed must be eligible to be sold in the jurisdiction in which you list the item, and cannot be otherwise restricted or prohibited from being sold, such as parts that are subject to a recall. You may not list any item on NADPE that could cause you or NADPE to violate any applicable law or statute, or otherwise violate this Terms of Use.


Parts are automatically listed in the currency of your country. Transaction fees, and DMS data feed costs will be charged in the currency of your country, unless otherwise noted in agreement. Trades are matched by the listed cost price of the items regardless of the currency in which they are listed and do not take into consideration the currency of the amounts traded.


When you receive an order for a trade or a sale, you must, within forty-eight (48) business hours or less, verify and approve that you have the parts in stock, otherwise the order will be canceled and passed to another dealership. This is a courtesy to your fellow dealers meant to fill orders quickly and allow us to find another source if you no longer have the parts. By verifying and approving a trade or sale, you warrant that (a) you have the legal right to trade or sell the listed item, (b) the listed item conforms to the specifications described in your listing, and (c) is of merchantable quality.

Dealers who’s Verifications are submitted late, or cancelled, will have their account flagged, as the Terms & Conditions of our marketplace have been breached. Flagged accounts get moved to the bottom of the matching process, and matched last within the system – meaning less frequent transactions, and trade sizes. Dealers on their second late or cancelled verification, will have their account automatically suspended indefinitely, the next business day. Management of all levels will be notified automatically by our system of account status updates, or changes.


When you accept a trade, you are agreeing to a trade with the other party, and not with NADPE. When you accept the trade, NADPE will send you the contact information of your trading partner. Payments and shipping details in a trade or sale transaction are arranged between the parties and are not a part of NADPE’s Services. It is up to the individual dealership to set its own credit policy. Invoices are the responsibility of the billing party.


While NADPE attempts to create balanced trades, it is nearly impossible to get exactly equal values on the two sides. A variance determined by NADPE, currently at +/- 5%, is permitted and paid by the party with the lower value to the party with the higher value to help to create an even exchange.


Transaction fees are based on the value of a transaction. Each party to a trade or sale pays a fee that is a percentage of the value. For trades, each side must pay to NADPE its then current transaction fee of the value of parts you are trading away. See our posted transaction fee, which governs. The transaction fee as of the date of this policy is 5.99%. Transaction fees are subject to applicable taxes. NADPE reserves the right to change the transaction fees charged for a trade. Changes to the transaction fees are effective after NADPE provides you with advance notice by posting the changes on the Website 30 days in advance.


Transaction fees or DMS data feed costs paid or payable to NADPE are not refundable, including transaction not completed between Members.


We invoice the dealership only when a transaction is agreed to.   DMS data feed costs and Transactions fees are automatically processed within 24 hours on the dealership’s assigned credit card. Dealerships must register a credit card with NADPE at sign up. NADPE charges the dealership in their home country’s currency, unless otherwise noted within this agreement.


Depending on which DMS a dealer has, some dealers need to cover the cost of the DMS parts inventory data feed.  DMS data costs are in your home countries’ currency unless otherwise noted within this agreement.  See DMS data costs chart on the Pricing page.

DMS data feed costs will automatically renew at the start of each calendar month, unless you cancel two days prior to the new calendar month.  You can cancel anytime by emailing or calling your Account Manager.  Dealers who onboard during the middle of a calendar month are billed the monthly amount just after onboarding and their data feed is live.


You are responsible for determining whether applicable taxes apply to a transaction and to collect, report, and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. Applicable taxes may include provincial goods and services, taxes, import and export taxes and duties collected, etc.


You agree that you will not conduct independent matches and trades with dealerships and corporations whose contact information was obtained through the Website or Services, or take any action to circumvent the payment of any transaction fees to NADPE or otherwise avoid fees. You agree not to start a similar business as or otherwise compete with NADPE’s Services.


You are free to reject any transaction or trade, so if you are not happy with the terms of a particular transaction. In the event of a dispute between Members, NADPE encourages the Members to resolve the dispute. Disputes regarding a transaction will be resolved between the transacting parties. You agree to release and indemnify NADPE, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, agents, and employees, of and for any claims, demands, and damages arising out of or in any way connected with disputes with one or more users, or an outside party, arising from or relating to the use of our Website or Services. NADPE will not be compelled as a witness in any disputes and you will charged for the production of records or any information by NADPE in the event of a dispute.


To close your dealership or corporate account, send an email to to provide notice. Accounts will be closed following 3 days’ notice, and will only be closed when all transaction fees that are due or payable have been completely paid. Following your account closure, you will still be bound by all provisions of these Terms of Use except for these ‘Commercial Terms of Service’.


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