What happens if I don’t finish a transaction or don’t want to move forward with it?

Reminders are automatically generated approximately 4 hours before the inventory verification is due back. We require verifications back within 48 hours, as there are 2 Dealerships included in each transaction. We need to ensure both parties are finished and ready to move forward within a timely fashion. We do not allow transactions to be abandoned for any reason. In the case that more than one verification is late, your account will be suspended. This ensures we maintain a quality marketplace with engaged, and committed.  So it’s essential that when we define which parts you want to select as Slow-Moving, and Fast-Moving, that are you are willing to entertain these transactions.

Of course on the part number level, you can adjust as you feel fit.  Also, we are happy to put an account on hold when you need, like in cases where you have holidays, or physical inventory.