Why would another dealer want my Slow-Moving, Idle, and Obsolete Parts if I don’t?

There are many reasons why your idle parts would be in demand at other Dealers, including: factors based on geographical location, types of vehicles driven by the population, the climate, some parts may be used more frequently in different locations, difference in vehicles sold within a particular market, a different in a Parts Manager’s stocking criteria, etc. It is common to see dealers that are only a few miles away to have an inventory that is different enough to see trades.

Typically, every part within a dealers parts inventory can still be sourced from the manufacturers warehouse. Meaning regional, those parts are not truly obsolete on a regional and national level.  There is still demand within your region the parts which maybe slow-moving at your dealership.

Likewise, a manufacturer’s warehouse runs a parts inventory like dealers do. They still carry and distribute these parts as they are still active at the regional and national level – just not at your dealership. NADPE’s data allows us to find where your slow moving parts are active, and reallocate and redistribute these parts based on demand; much like your manufacturer’s warehouse.