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Eddie Carreiro – Parts Manager

“I’ve had 2 other dealers ask how I keep my obsolete inventory hovering around 2%. I told them there is a number of things we do, but mostly it’s because I use NADPE to keep it in check. I told them they have to sign up with you. It’s good to see both of those guys sign up because the more trading partners we have, the better the system works.”

Greg Anderson – Parts Manager

“In the last 18 months, I moved $126,186 of old parts inventory at dealer cost.  I definitely think NADPE has helped greatly to clean up our old inventory, as we are heavily involved in the collision side of parts sales where we take a large purchase discount, rather than return allowance.”

“We only get a 2% return allowance from Chrysler to return parts.  We’d need to by $6,309,340 of additional parts from Chrysler to move the $126,000 we did through NADPE.  NADPE has been a great help.”

Brad James – Parts Manager

“Our 12 Months-No-Sales parts used to be 13% of our inventory total before joining.  Today, I have only .84% of parts inventory that is at 12 Months No Sale.  80% of that has to do with you guys.”

“I like your service as my dead stock has decreased drastically.  You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!”

Randy Buyers, Parts Manager

NADPE has changed the game when it comes to slow-moving, and obsolete parts inventory. We’ve helped Parts Managers, like yourself, get rid of idle and obsolete parts and free frozen working capital. Our program is easy to use and will help you exchange your idle and obsolete parts inventory at full dealer cost – without losing a single penny. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customer, Randy Buyers, had to say.

“We’ve moved $142,000 Canadian of parts. The effect for me now is that I’m about a month away from being to what my goal was, no parts in the building older than six months-no-sale. That’s a very, very clean inventory, and it’s maximizing the dealer’s investment.” Randy Buyers, Parts Manager

Cheryl Law – Parts Manager

What problems did you have in parts before you joined NADPE?

“Like every dealer, I had a lot of idle & obsolete parts inventory that I couldn’t sell. My return allowance covered only so much, but not enough to get my inventory aging under control. Besides writing off parts at year end, and my return program, there are no other viable programs to help with parts inventory obsolescence control.”

How did you know this was a problem worth solving?

“Each month I was writing off parts inventory, to keep my aging parts inventory under control. Many dealers wait till year end, but we’re more progressive, and write off some aged parts inventory each month. To see dollars wasted each month by tossing out obsolete parts inventory – it’s easy to see it’s a problem.”

Do you think this is an industry-wide problem?

“Every dealer has idle and obsolete parts inventory. It’s wither or not they realize the magnitude of the problem or look for creative ways to solve the problem. The amount of parts inventory which loses sales demand and phases-out each year, is more than the amount of return allowance we get, let alone parts returns from customers. So, every dealer has an idle, and obsolete parts return problem.  Normally dealers keep it in check by writing off aged parts inventory at year-end.”

You have been using the North America Dealer Parts Exchange for 11 months now. What results have you seen? 

“After 11 months with NADPE, I’ve moved $96,245 of idle and obsolete parts inventory, with just under 50 trades. I moved all of those parts at dealer cost, exchanged them for parts I could use, and sell often. The amount of parts I’ve moved through them has made a big dent in my idle parts inventory.”

What kept you from joining a service like NADPE sooner?

“A program like NADPE doesn’t exist – otherwise, I would have joined a long time ago.  There are other services, but you need to discount your parts at 50% off or more. So this route seemed more logical.”

What do you like most about being a member of NADPE?

“The team at NADPE is easy to work with and very knowledgeable. They always made me feel like I was their number one customer, even though in reality, I’m sure that’s how they treat all their customers.”

Why do you recommend NADPE to other dealerships?

“It’s easy to use, and the more dealers on the program, the better it is for everyone.”

What was your main concern about NADPE prior to becoming a member?

“I had been on another program, and all it did was waste my time.”

If you were to recommend NADPE to another dealer, what would you say?

“It is totally worth it. It works!”

Jeremy Baratto – Parts Manager

What made you choose NADPE over anything else you could have done, and why do you stick with them?

“A local dealer recommended them. They spoke very highly of them for some time.  I was afraid of something “new”, I didn’t give them the chance they deserved for a long time. Only wish I had joined sooner.

Simply the results are what keeps me a member of this program. Thank you NADPE.”

What do you like most about being a member of NADPE?

“The satisfaction of knowing inactive parts are going out the door in exchange for active parts.  The staff is amazing. These guys know what they are doing. They can modify the settings to your liking and change them again at any time. I can’t say enough good about Shawn and Jordan, Bravo!”

If you were to recommend NADPE to another dealer, what would you say?

“Keep an open mind and remember what you’re doing for the dealership. $20,000.00 in stale inventory can be used to buy a couple used cars and sell them for a profit. So why have that kind of money sitting on the shelf in the parts department?

For what I consider a small fee, the results are impressive. If the Dealer Principal ever asks how much inactive inventory you have, you might as well be prepared with a low number.”

Darin Pearcy – Parts Manager

“To all my Parts Manager friends – this is a brilliant program.”

Greg Thompson – Parts Manager

“Jordan and Shawn at NADPE have helped me manage aged inventory probably better then my brand has [in] 32+ years in the business”

Randy Buyers – Parts Manager

“We had some parts which had No-Sales for 7 to 15 months. [With NADPE] we moved over $142,000 of parts. The effect for me now is I’m about a month away from having parts in the building no older than 6 months.”

“Recently there has been a major shift from the manufacturers AWAY from return accruals and therefor parts returns. With this in mind, there couldn’t be a better time to launch NADPE”

“Most vendors manufacturers have gone to an auto replenishment order system, and it has increased inventory amounts by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where in the past I was able to keep idle parts at zero, I now have some parts that have had a birthday and a half, sometimes two birthdays, on the shelf. It’s unacceptable, but it’s a problem for every dealer. That’s where NADPE helps.”


“There are only a few options for dealer parts exchanges currently available with the most comprehensive – by far – being North American Dealer Parts Exchange.”

Article – For The Parts Managers In The Room – Let’s Talk Idle And Obsolete Inventory

Tim Alderson, President, Alderson Consulting

“Best 20 Group Idea Ever!”

“Take a minute to focus on this. It’s brilliant and despite what you might think, nobody is actually doing this their way. It’s incredibly simple and designed by a Fixed Ops Manager who came up through Parts. I know these people.”

Scott Campbell – Dealer Partner

“Your only loss is removing your obsolescence parts on your shelf that are collecting dust”

“If parts managers are staying on top of it and uploading their inventory, NADPE is a sure-fire way to prevent losing up to half the value of their parts.”

“Most dealers set phase-out at nine to twelve months. I believe that if a part hasn’t sold in three to five months, there’s no reason to keep it on the shelf. I’d rather eliminate that part from inventory and replace it with parts I’ll turn over regularly. That’s where NADPE really becomes effective.”

Brad Pierson – Dealer Principal

“I’m still waiting for the catch with your program, because I don’t see it.”

David Dolomount – Parts Manager

“General Motors was in last week, and my obsolete parts are now less than 3% of my inventory. So I would say GM return reserve and your program has worked very good.”

“My trades have gone very well. I have done a few now, and all the dealers have been good to deal with.”

Aaron Robertson – Parts Manager

“I was surprised to see how well my list matched up with other Dealers in nearby locations, especially considering we both deal with the same vehicles in our services departments, there were still a lot of parts that matched up.”