Like All New Things, It Takes Time

Developing relationships with your customers is vital to your success. Understanding their standpoint, helps you better understand how you can help them. At NADPE, we believe that by developing these relationships, we become what we call “human”. Not just a voice at the other end of the telephone, an email thumbprint or signature, we are people that care.

We had a great discussion with one of our successful Chrysler Dealers, Jeremy Baratto the Parts Manager of Team Chrysler, about his experience with NADPE. If you missed it, be sure to check out our most recent articles for the depth in that conversation piece. Compounding from that article, was a discussion we seem to have regularly about the ease of use, and success of the online exchange platform and Jeremy hit the nail on the head, so we’d like to share his wisdom with you.

Almost daily we get asked how much time is expected of the parts manager and how hard the program is to use. We thought we’d take it from a customer standpoint and ask Jeremy. His response was: “Very easy. The first couple was a little overwhelming but in a good way. I see all the parts I potentially will be getting rid of. You have total control of what you want to move out and what you have agreed to have incoming.”

Okay, so that answers the difficult question…what about when it comes to trades? “Like all new things, it takes time to get comfortable”. Understanding the process and what is expected of you, doesn’t come overnight, but at NADPE our objective was to make it as hands-free for the parts manager as possible. When we asked Jeremy, he stated: “It did take some time, the first couple, but nothing too difficult to figure out. Now I can review and modify a trade in minutes.”

It’s always a concern that when you sign up for a program, you’re going to be bombarded with info, in the beginning, then have it almost immediately peter off and not be able to get anyone on the phone to help you when it comes time to use it. In understanding this, we asked how Jeremy felt about the learning curve with NADPE. We were flattered with his response: “The staff is amazing. These guys know what they are doing. They can modify the settings to your liking and change them again at any time. I can’t say enough good about Shawn and Jordan, Bravo!”

Fairness and cost-effectiveness are a top priority when it comes to trades on the exchange platform. To ensure we are upholding that promise to our customers, we asked Jeremy if he would agree that we are keeping to that promise. He said: “absolutely!” And continued to add: “I look at the big picture. How much inventory do you have to purchase from the Manufacturer to be able to return $1,000.00 of inactive inventory?” Very good point, Jeremy!

Customer retention and satisfaction seem to be a continuous uphill battle, in a competitive, always changing and thriving industry. The question of, “Why choose NADPE in the first place” and “what makes you stay” are always at the front of mind. When asked, Jason responded promptly with: “A local Dealer recommended you. They spoke very highly of you for some time, and as I said earlier, I was afraid of something “new”. I didn’t give you the chance you deserved for a long time. Only wish I had joined sooner. Simply, the results are what keeps me a member of this program. Thank you NADPE.”